the city and me

Our Mission at The City and Me is all about connecting people in the city. We embrace the importance of friendship and the benefits that connection can bring.

We aim to open up opportunities for people to connect. Not only at Speed Friending and other events which we host but in life in general. We are all about getting people out of their comfort zone, and making meaningful memories with people that they vibe with.

The City And Me is for you if:
- You enjoy meeting new people
- You want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone
- You value meaningful interactions with people
- You want to find a network of like-minded people in your city

We offer a bunch of resources for meeting new people including Speed Friending, events, tools, resources and most importantly "community" to help you explore, discover and fall in love with your city. Whether you've just arrived, you're visiting or it’s your hometown, everybody needs connection in their life!

There are so many ways to meet new people and we’re here to show you how to do it.

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rebecca smith-andreou

Founder & Host, The City and Me

The City And Me was founded by Rebecca in 2016 - but her story goes back much further than that. After moving from Australia to New Zealand, she discovered she was, well, lonely.

So, in high spirits she set out to make more friends in her new city. She created Facebook groups, Meetup groups, and many events. After years of doing this, she knew she wanted to do something 'more efficient' than the options that were out there to meet more people in less time. She had noticed that although she would attend events housing upwards of 40 people, she would only have conversations with the two people who were sitting next to her.

This is around when the idea of 'Speed Friending' was created through inspiration of other similiar events around the world. Rebecca’s passion for connecting people runs through her veins, often inspiring her friends and loved ones to take that extra effort to talk to a stranger or to go out of their way to meet new people. Rebecca is beyond excited to finally bring The City and Me to life and can't wait to share the joy of connecting people with the world.

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how it got started

Read about how it started in a feature article in Next Magazine New Zealand 2017

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